Mission Statement

  • To aid in the recovery of the recorded history of the Indigenous American Northeast by gathering together a dispersed and fragmented documentary record into one readily available resource,
  • To provide greater access to primary source materials by, on, or about the Native people of the American Northeast by editing a foundational set of documents that explores various aspects of Indian history and culture, including sovereignty, land, gender, race, identity, religion, migration, law, and politics, and publishing them in an open-access virtual repository,
  • To facilitate greater intellectual access to the documents by incorporating a broad array of American, Native American, and British subject-specialists from various academic disciplines to ensure a balance of crucial perspectives in annotation and related commentary,
  • To re-inscribe indigeneity into a collection of documents that represents a shared history between Americans, Native Americans, Britons, and the Atlantic World by fostering the participation of Indian scholars and tribal members in the editing process and in discussions by acknowledging them as colleagues, scholars, intellectuals, and representatives of the Native voice