Help Locate Relevant Materials

For many different reasons and at different times, primary source materials (like manuscripts, maps, and photographs) on New England Native Americans been dispersed through out the New England region, the nation, and to many parts of the globe.  While the current electronic corpus within The New England Indian Papers Series is drawn from many well-known institutional collections, project editors are cognizant that there exist many other documents, whether singly or collectively, written by, for, or about New England Native Americans, that fall outside of the Project’s present purview.  This is especially true of those materials that are privately owned.
Locating these materials is of critical importance to the Project because, regardless of whether they are ultimately made available through the Project’s web interface, the intellectual content is important in developing a more complete understanding of Native history.
Please consider contacting project editors with information regarding any documents or collections of documents that you think may assist the Project at