Towsey, David, - 1788

David Towsey and his wife Sarah were members of the Tunxis of Farmington, Connecticut.  One of them was a descendant from the original 17th century Wangunk proprietors.  The couple had at least two children, Benjamin (1765-before 1828) and Joseph (1769), both of whom were students of Eleazar Wheelock.  Towsey served in Captain John Patterson’s Company in 1755 and 1756 and in Colonel Nathan Whiting’s Company in 1762, the same year his name appeared on a Wangunk petition, requesting sale of the tribal reservation.  By 1769, he and his family had removed to Stockbridge, Massachusetts.  In 1777 they were assigned land at Farmington, which may have brought them back to Connecticut, however temporarily, as David died shortly thereafter.  It is unclear whether this family is related to the Hatchet Tousey family from Potatuck.  Love, Samson Occom, 363. James Dow McCallum, The Letters of Eleazar Wheelock’s Indians (Hanover, N.H.: Dartmouth College Publications, 1932), 242-245. Bates, Rolls of Connecticut Men in the French & Indian War, 15, 131-132, 169.

c. 1778