Robin (Puccaca)

Robin (or Puccaca) was a Wangunk tribal member whose name appears on a 1673 confirmatory deed to Middletown Connecticut as an heir and successor to Sowheage.  He was one of the proprietors of the Wangunk land in Chatham, Connecticut.  From the documentary record, Robin appears to have been the tribe’s medicine man or healer.  Robin and his family were known for their skill in curing “the King’s evil” (scrofula).  According to the Rev. William Russell, pastor of Middletown’s First Church, “many very remarkable cures have been [made by] them on persons where the most skillful English physicians have not been successful.”  Robin, sometimes called Dr. Robin, was a leader within the Wangunk community and possibly rose to the position of sachem.  Among his descendants in the eighteenth century were Robin, John, Thomas, Joseph, Samuel, David, Ann, Hannah, Sarah and Ruth Robin, and a grandson, Richard Ranney.  Timothy Ives, Wangunk Ethnology: A Case Study of a Connecticut River Indian Community, Masters Thesis, College of William and Mary (2001).  Collections of the Connecticut Historical Society, vol. 3 (Hartford, The Case, Lockwood & Brainard Company, 1895), 280.

Dr. Robin
c. 1750