Dew, George, - 1695

George Dew was most likely one of the sons of Captain Thomas Dewe of Virginia and Barbados.  He may have started his pirate career as a young seaman aboard West African slave ships.  By 1686, he was part of a flotilla raiding Panama City.  Five years later, Bermudian officials awarded him a privateering commission to rove for French ships along the Atlantic seaboard as far as Acadia.  In 1693 Dew, commanding the Amy, accompanied Thomas Tew in a voyage against the French slavery factory at Goree in West Africa but a storm destroyed the Amy’s masts, which required Dew to abandon his plans and to put in for repairs.  Arrested for suspicion of piracy and his ship impounded, Dew was sent prisoner to Holland.  By 1695, he had returned to the sea on the brigantine Marigold for another unsuccessful voyage.  In, Dew returned to Bermuda, where he was elected to its General Assembly.  David Marley, Pirates of the Americas (Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2010), 564-571.

c. 1666