Collaborative Partnerships


Institutional Partners

Current institutional partners consist of those organizations, both public and private, that not only allow significant manuscript material to be published on the Project’s web interface but also provide critical guidance for the Project’s development.  In some cases representatives from these institutions sit on the Project’s Advisory board.


Contributing partners are individuals or organizations that allow their manuscript materials to be digitized and published on the Project’s web interface or assist with the interpretation of the documentary materials.  Contributions range in number from a single document to upwards of over a hundred, each of which is important in adding to the developing documentary history of the native people of New England.  Our list of contributing partners is growing and will be updated periodically.

Tribal/First Nation Partners

Tribal/First Nation Partners consist of federally recognized, state recognized, and other native communities that contribute manuscript material to the Project’s collection or provide guidance in the editorial process.  Often these partners consist of the approved historical and cultural representatives of the governing body of the community.  Partner Tribes/First Nations have the opportunity to participate in several scholarly and educational initiatives designed to ensure that the native voice is incorporated into the annotation of the manuscript material.

Consortial Partners

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