Bomazeen, - 1724

Bomazeen was a Norridgewock war leader.  He may have been the father of Moxus.  Despite signing a treaty at Pemaquid in 1693, Bomazeen led attacks at Oyster River in New Hampshire, Groton in Massachusetts, and several other places in 1693 and 1694.  He was subsequently arrested and jailed at Boston and was released in 1699.  Afterwards, his name appears on several Indian conferences (Boston 1713, Portsmouth 1716, Georgetown 1717, and 1720).  He, his wife, daughter, and son-in-law Mogg were killed in August 1724 along with Sebastian Rasle during an English attack at Norridgewock.  Drake, The Book of the Indians, 111-112, 116-117.  William Kingsford, The History of Canada, Vol. 3 (London: Trubner & Co., 1889), 190-192.

Before 1670
August 1724